danny_6ixx ★★★★★

EAFC HQ are the people for the job. I had the honour of FUT_Deepview handling my order. I was really pleased with his service! I highly recommend anyone that needs help with their Fut champs games to order with EAFC HQ. Also really enjoyed the stream! 

Morales ★★★★★

FUT Deepview is probably the best coach I’ve ever had I’ve only been to one session but it made me a significantly better player he watches you play has you take notes and really breaks down gameplay to the best of his ability and how much you want he can go super in depth or just cover the basics but this guy is really someone you want to take a look at to improve your game

EDMisLIFE ★★★★★

I utilize EAFCHQ for WL services. Some weekends I'm too busy to play 20 games. And to be honest, achieving 16 wins or more is not realistic for my skill level. However, even if it was, there's good value in supporting a small business when you can't play, but still want top award chances. I am an Xbox New Gen player so I was assigned a Rank 1 Xbox player to play my games. I was lucky enough to get an amazing lad that not only completes the order at the win level requested but is a great person as well. It's important to remember what you are buying. You are buying wins. They have always delivered on the wins that I ordered. The rest is up to pack luck. I've packed amazing picks (tots red Haaland, Leao, Modric (in their first weeks) and tradeable tots cards (Militao, De Bruyne, etc) worth millions in coins at the time. I've also had just okay packs. Overall, it's a net positive and a better value than buying points from you know who. If you're not a Rank 1 player and you're interested in watching your cards being maximized to their potential, it's also fun from that standpoint if your player streams the games.

Foutina 11 ★★★★★

Well I can tell you for sure that it was very nice working with you (FUT Deepview) the game was very effective and the instructions while in between the games were supper the analysis after the matches are very helpfull and then the analysis after a week with specific points and videos are just remarkable it’s guarantee to get better because you can see the mistakes and get the solutions of how to avoid it’s very Helpful to keep it from time to time

Zurv ★★★★★

EAFC HQ service is top quality and you get what you pay for never had an issue I would 100% recommend it to anyone

Layorh12#7694 ★★★★★

EAFCHQ is amazing! Got me 16ws pretty stress-free in a terrible gameplay condition, all done while we were all chilling on stream. His rate is fair and i really recommend him. Def looking to use his service whenever i cant play and his coaching sessions too. He is a top bloke.